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Chapter 9 "Skinned alive by a Vampire in Ajijic"

I have enclosed this Chapter of my e-book as it was the most read Chapter when it was a blog. After this Chapter is my table of contents to give you a idea of my content & comments from readers of my e-book who bought it on Amazon.

A Single Gringa in Mexico.

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A Single Gringa in Mexico & Mexico a Sunny Place For Shadey Men.

One of my Vampire's in my life claimed that he owned the photographs used in my covers of my two books so they were removed from Amazon while they investigated his absurd claim. He was proven wrong by the properties of the photographs. However,  I made a new cover and combined the two books as one. Something I wanted to do anyway. If you are given a lemon make lemonade.

The new title is, "When given a avocado make guacamole," with both books within, with the same titles. The book is finished and up as a Kindle & a paperback. You can order the Kindle version via this link to read on your Kindle, laptop or Iphone.

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 "A single gringa in Mexico Part 2"  in blogger........& I have titled it:
"Mexico A Sunny Place For Shady Men."
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Chapter 9

Skinned alive by a Vampire in Ajijic.

I can see your face as you are reading this title and laughing at me. There are no Vampires. But alas there are. Not blood sucking ones as you are thinking I am referring to. But sociopaths, narcissistic people. They seem to know when you’re vulnerable and somehow come into your life to cause havoc, punish you and teach you a lesson.

Vampires, there are. They don't suck your blood. They know us, need us, feed

 On us, we don't need them. When they knock on your door pretending to be a

 White angel, they suck your life, soul, heart and energy. You awaken after

 How long and all you are is bones, blood and skin. Be a warrior, don't

 Answer that door. Close your eyes and see with your soul, you will then know

 Them. Be strong, be honest, be luminous, be impeccable with your word as Words

 Are a spell then they are fallen dark angels back to hell.

There I was living alone in Ajijic trying to heal from the death of my husband. Going out with my girlfriends and not dating. Trying to figure out what was happening to me and why. Hawaii and I were having dinner at a local Italian Restaurant that we favored. The owner said as we were leaving, “Why don’t you girls go to El Barco, there is a party there and you really need to get out and be more social.” We ignored it and were driving home when suddenly she looked at me and said, “Let’s do it.” So we turned around.

There was a friend of ours standing outside and she warned me to not go in. She said there was a man inside who would remind me of my husband and she did not think I should see him. It had only been 2 months. Now, when someone tells me to not do something, that is exactly what I am going to do, besides, she got my interest.

I walked in and there he was sitting at the bar talking to a blonde and bragging and showing her his notebook of his designs and pictures of his home in Santa Fe. I saw the resemblance and kept staring at him and a girl I was sitting with finally nudged me and said, “Go and introduce yourself.”

I suddenly found myself between him and the blonde so quickly I accidentally knocked her off her bar stool. Put my hand out and said “hello I am Rebecca.” He stared into my eyes and seemed to be looking right inside me. She got up off the floor and was tapping him on the shoulder and he ignored her. I asked him if he would like to dance and he said "no", he was a musician and did not dance and left to go to the restroom. I went back and sat on Hawaii’s lap and had my head on her shoulder. He came out and grabbed my hand and pulled me off her lap and out the door and asked where I lived?

I had never in my life met a man and gone home with him immediately. But I let him follow me. We never left the house for a week and everyone was wondering what had happened to me. Hawaii of course knew as her telescope was on my bedroom window. Because of this I now have a 100 hour rule of quality time. As I never again want to let a vampire into my life. However, somehow I think Santa Fe is a haven for them. As later one more entered my life in San Miguel de Allende also when I was vulnerable from the death of a girlfriend.

It was a slow process as to how he controlled and changed me. He would not let me grieve and was jealous of the memory of my husband. He thought nothing of driving his car or living in his house and sleeping with his wife. Me who never smoked a cigarette in my life, he 3 packs a day. Never did a drug in my life and he with his long drug use. How as a teenager he played in a Blues Band in a Pilipino whore house, sleeping with whores and injecting heroine. What was I thinking? Drug addict, Blues musician, Leather Designer and motorcycle rider.

My house suddenly became the party house that people would crash on a weekend even if they were not invited; naked pool parties; me the girl who grew up in the sixties and never skinny dipped or did drugs, married to 2 different Doctor; Life of Museums, Fundraisers, Country Clubs and on the board of Environmental agencies, cub scout leader and coach. Was it a second childhood? Was I deliberately punishing myself?

Little by little he consumed my life and took it over. He made me the caregiver and protector of him. He was only happy when I was spending money on him. He would not take a bath unless I ran the water.  He woke up drinking vodka in his OJ and went to bed pouring himself a Rum & coke and a sleeping pill. His glass was never empty. He ordered the next before he finished the first. He was the life of the party and everyone loved him and thought I was so lucky. Women were always flirting with him and I got to the point I would just say to them, if you can afford him, please take him.

They never saw what was behind  closed doors. One Sunday my girlfriends were all over and we were laying at the swimming pool and he was off on a motorcycle trip with the guys. We held off cooking until they returned. He walked right past everyone poured himself a drink and went to the bedroom and closed the door. I went in behind him and asked him if he had eaten anything and would he be joining us. He glared at me and pulled the gun out from the night stand stood up so quickly and put his hands around my neck and pushed me onto the floor and put the gun on my forehead while choking me. Then suddenly he stopped and put it back and laid down in the bed and turned the TV on. I returned to our guests and we cooked dinner and all ate and had a great time. No one knew or ever did until now.

It was not the last time. He never seemed to remember that he had done it. I would wake up the next morning and if I was bruised he would ask me how it happened. The last time it happened his step father was visiting as well as my best friend from Ajijic. We were living in San Miguel de Allende then. She and I went shopping all day and sightseeing. He and his father and some other friends all went to a local pub to watch football and eat. He only drank, why waste calories on food?  My girlfriend and I got home way before he did and his father and we were watching TV. He came in and poured himself a drink and went upstairs to turn the TV on in the bedroom and ignored everyone. His father told me he had not eaten and he had drank way too much. I went upstairs and told him I was going to bed as I had to get up early in the morning. He was taking his boots off and looked up at me with coldness and suddenly flew across the room again grabbing me by the neck and throwing me on the floor and started to beat my face with the heel of the boot. I screamed and his father and my best friend came running up and pulled him off me and she called the police. That was the first time anyone had seen it and it was the last time. His step father put him into a hotel and stayed with me for a month to heal my wounds. He had cracked my forehead open and my face and eyes were all bruised. At that moment I became Bekka and decided to take my life back.

Vampires always lie, they are paranoid and lose things and accuse others of stealing from them and they have no respect of others property. They usually are married and lie and say they are not. He was always wrecking the car or motorcycle drinking and driving. I was constantly his nurse during the many hospital stays & operations. When discussing with my girlfriends about their experiences with vampires and remembering my two, it is an odd trait they all have, they drink milk excessively.

When I asked him to leave for good, my words to him were "your nothing but a unappreciative gigolo and I cannot afford you anymore". He replied, “What did you expect? You met me in a bar.”

Lies, lies a thousand times

Broken Glass, Novocain

I’m coming home, who says you can’t go home

Bead & Bone, who’s Beads & Bones

Sold my muscle cars, Seems you did

...Boxes in the garage, Boxes in the hall

Was it all lies, lies a thousand times

Was any of it real

Lies were spinning at that bar

The pages not real

Yes, it’s true those final words,

We met in a bar

A gigolo who drained me dry

I could no longer afford

The rest all lies, day & night

Past, present & future

Do you know the difference

When it was only

Lies, lies a thousand times

Miles and miles and still all lies

Years and years and still all lies

In the end my bones and no beads

The bar we met

He wrote this song for me as he left and I put it to pictures last year.

Real Estate in Ajijic

My Table of Contents are listed below to give you a idea about my content & also comments from readers of my e-book.

Table of Contents
1 I’m trying to remember at what moment in time this happened to me?
2 When did it happen to me, to be so far rom home?
3 The tequila call.
4 My first sister in Ajijic.
5 My first Mexican Sister.
6 One of the Black Widows.
7 The other 2 Black Widows.
8 Three other sisters in Ajijic.
9 Skinned alive by a Vampire in Ajijic.
10 Dogs and single women in Mexico.
11 Our Veterinarian’s in Mexico.
12 Our Veterinarian in San Miguel de Allende and Gay men.
13 Breaking my own rules.
14 Finally the buy high and sell low girl moves.
15 Safety and Living.
16 My first girlfriend in San Miguel de Allende.
17 My first single girlfriend in San Miguel de Allende.
18 Another single renter in Cali’s compound.
19 Another girl bitten and freed from a Vampire.
20 Medical care in Mexico.
21 A new sister and the beginning of the Sisterhood.
22 The Sisterhood, our days and nights.
23 Male buddies in San Miguel de Allende.
24 Looking out of the box to date in San Miguel de Allende.
25 My two Tourists’ or “Mexico a sunny place for shady men”.
26 Chick Trip to Puerto Vallarta and The Bling Bling Cowgirl.
27 We all react and heal differently to death.
28 Two Vampires found Berkley and I.
29 Poetry reading and diagnosis of C in NYC.
30 Our First Stop Ajijic on our journey to Ensenada.
31 Traveling from Ajijic to San Blas.
32 Chick Road Trip from San Blas to Mazatlan.
33 The trip from Mazatlan to Los Mochis.
34 The journey from Los Mochis to San Carlos.
35 San Carlos to the Nogales border to Arizona and California and back.
36 Ensenada for a year.
37 Why Ensenada?
38 My forays across the border.
39 Life in Ensenada with me and me and me.
40 Why the VA for my Medical Treatment for Hepatitis C?
41 The leaving isn’t so bad if there is a return to look forward to.
42 Surrounded by my memories, I took my pen and began to write.
43 The two most important women in my life.
44 Agent Orange and the Fort McClellan connection.
45 The final vacation with my spouse and why I am single in Mexico.
46 Could it be the Bad Moon over the Americas?

Comments by readers of my e-book on Amazon :

Rebecca, I wanted to let you know I just found your blog the other day and read and read and read. I have a special "something" to share with I read about your friend, bling bling cowgirl my heart was so touched with sadness. I then saw a picture of her when you first met on Day of the Dead '09. I was there with my hubby and we were sitting at the table beside her and I think Chuck....anyway, the dogs dressed up caught my eye and I videoed them with Janet. I could not believe that by the stoke of luck I find your blog, read about Janet and her passing and then realize WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!! I looked at my video and there she is playing with her dear doggie. My heart wanted your heart to know I am surprised the universe caused me to discover this blog and for what reason who knows....Janet is in my world now thanks to video and your blog. the few girlfriends I told this story to all said I should contact you and share this with you. Please know you have touched me with your words of love you spoke of your dear friend and I wish you happiness in Mexico....

Hi Rebecca...We dont know each other personally, altho seemingly have lots in common...I live in Ft laud for the past 28 yrs and have great passion for SMA...I am 55 yrs young and bored shitless w my life...I am so ready for change....My mind has me living in SMA thinking all will be grand...Have been there at least 10+ x's......I am fearful for this will be a move done completely alone...My (3) kids are all big people and i feel its time to dump the big house and make a move...I know you live in Mexico, have found love and seem happy as a lark....Do you mind befriending me and helping me in my ever so confused mind???....I was a clothing designer for many yrs and for the past 10 yrs in realestate...Im over it all!!!!...I need a re-birthing, along with some tequila this may be possible....Many thanx for your time....I also have done the numerous dating websites and im sick of the lack of quality....Dear Abby....LOL.....LUV your blog.

Though we knew each other for such a relatively short period of time I found that your effect on me was, by turns, gob-smacking, euphoric, worrying, wisdom-inducing, incredibly exciting, heart-breaking and, ultimately more valuable than I ever had a right to expect.
I think every man needs to have had a Rebecca Angelique Rochelle Harrand Lewis Fass in his life. I have been blessed to know, love and be loved by some incredible women. I count you among them.

In reviewing your blog and FB page, it’s clear that you’ve had a very full and interesting life. I always knew that you were one of those people who would never be satisfied to simply sit in the stands, but were born to throw a rope on life, mount up and ride until the buzzer sounds. Good for you, old friend!
I’m very sorry about your health issues. Funny how the brightest candles tend to burn out the fastest

As a callow youth I never had the sense or sensitivity to thank you for your service to our country. I do so now with regret for what it seems to have cost you.
Down here in the memory hole you will always be that gorgeous, willowy young brunette I knew in High School.

hi Rebecca, i like what you post on your blog, and I wish some day I can travel, and have my own money.. I just divorced after 19 years married, and need to learn to work , so I can afford my self,
 I am sorry my english is not perfRebecca,
, jaja, but I love english, and thanks for your words.

I don't even know how to start this. I am an old friend of Janet's and hadn't heard from her in a long time. Got to thinking about her and went on to Facebook and saw all the messages. I don't know how I never saw it before, but I didn't. I am so shocked and sad. Can you please tell me what happened? I am sick to my stomach and filled with so much regret that I didn't find out about this sooner. I am from Colorado and we worked together at Tenacoect

I am so sorry Rebecca. Sorry for your loss of a dear friend and sorry to bring this all up again. I looked at your blog, but I couldn't go back far enough to read it all. I don't know how it came up that we became friends on Facebook, but somehow, without sounding weird, I feel it was for a reason. I guess I just want you to know if you ever want to talk, I would be honored to just listen.

Wow!  What a read.  I just went through everything posted now on your blog.  We have a very similiar background with ex's.  My was 44 and I was 22 when we married.  After 23 years I told him that I was going to file for divorce.  I, of course, was trusting that CA was a community property state and I and the girls would be OK.  When the lawyer finally filed, everything was gone - money and investments were out of the country, my name was removed from everything and he hired 3 top attorneys to ruin me financially and spiritually.  The house was forclosed on and a notice nailed to our front door.  I didn't know he hadn't paid the mortgage for 6 months.  The girls and I ended up on welfare and food stamps and even spent a few nights in the car - which he had tried to take away from me too and my father had given it to me.  Revenge - Revenge.  When the court ordered child support, he disappeared.  We never heard from him again.  Not for the girl's birthdays, Christmas, never.  They were abandoned at 12 and 10 years old - very fragile ages for girls who really loved their Dad.  Both are in long term relationships but have never married - even though one has a 3 year old daughter.  I think they don't trust the institution of marriage and keep their financial independence and their own businesses or jobs apart from their shared lives with their partners. I slowly recovered from a situation in which if I made a suggestion I was told: "When you make as much money as I do, then you can have a say in this relationship."  It took a long time to trust again, and I know I'm still not there yet, even though  I have been with my present husband for 17 years.  I can snap very easily if he makes a mistake or does something with money that I'm not told about beforehand - even when it's a few hundred dollars I start thinking about divorce.  That's bad.  We all survive and learn to cope with our pasts and our nightmares.  But there are wounds that really never go away and continue to haunt and overshadow our freedom of spirit.  JUDY

hi Rebecca... I hope you are fine... I live in chapala.. and I see that you have many friends by your blog and facebook.. I want to meet people, I was married 19 years, so I dont know how or where to meet guys and have fun in a nice way of course, because here in mexico people are more traditional to that... if you have friends you can suggest me to meet please do so.. I dont want to be an amargada en spanish... hugs to you

So she finished her book eh? Good for her....writing is such a great therapy. I miss her...I have always admired Rebecca and though of her as one of the smartest chics I have ever known. She has a big heart and is nothing but kind.

 Just finished your book..I am glad to know you...brave, honest and kind....